• cgarbera92Olicity prompt: Felicity is everyone's favorite; she, however, wasn't aware until she ended up in the hospital.
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     - I hope you like this. :) 


    The first thing she’s aware of when she opens her eyes is the too bright sunlight streaming into the room. She blinks and turns her head away into her pillow and groans.

    The next thing she does is try to lift her right hand to cover her eyes, or at least she attempts to. Her hand seemes to be held down by something - another hand. Oliver’s hand. Oliver, who was currently sleeping hunched over her bed and clutching her hand.

    A few moments later her eyes adjusted to the light and Felicity was able to have a look around. 

    She and Oliver were going to have words. They had a deal. No hospitals.

    Yet she was in one.

    At least there weren’t any needles stuck in her. Because that would have warranted the use of her “Loud Voice” and Felicity honestly didn’t feel like shouting right now.

    She tried to sit up a little in her bed. Her back, shoulders and butt starting to hurt from being in the same position for too long. 

    Felicity only ended up waking Oliver and making herself more uncomfortable.

    Once awake, Oliver started firing questions at her quicker than he fired his arrows. 

    How do you feel? [Been better.] Are you in pain? [ Not really.] Does your head hurt? [ A little.] How long have you been awake? [A few minutes. What’s the last thing you remember? [You were carrying me out of the car.] Do you want me to call the doctor? [Not yet.

    He helped her up then, pulling her upright and fluffing her pillows. 

    It was then that she saw the state of her hospital room.

    Good thing she had an allergy to peanuts instead of flowers.

    Every single surface was covered in flowers of different kinds and colours.

    "Wha-what’s this?" Felicity spluttered, motioning at the bouques.

    Oliver chuckled good naturedly and grinned at his blond partner. She may be a certified genius but she was very slow on the uptake when it came to seeing the effect she had on everyone around her. And how damn lovable she was.

    "Well the blue hydrangeas are from Laurel," he pointed at the flowers sitting on what looked like a dresser.

    "The red tulips are from Roy," Of course.

    "Thea brought you Sunflowers." which stood proudly next to the vase of tulips.

    "Sara and Nyssa sent you some Irises and Orchids." Oliver showed her a lovely bouquet in different shades of purple.

    "Barry and Iris sent you the Gerbera Daisies" Red flowers in a yellow vase. Felicity chuckled at that - subtle, Barry, real subtle.

    "Digg and Lyla brought Lillies." Oliver motioned towards the vase on her night table. "The card is essentially from Andy, but AJ helped him with the spelling."

    "And this one?" Felicity asked, pointing at the vase standing next to the lillies. 

    It was filled with all sorts of roses. White, Yellow, Red, Pink - you name it.

    "That’s from Connor and me." He said quietly, looking at her with a sheepish smile. "There’s a card," Oliver added, handing her the folded piece of green paper.

    Dear Felicity, 

    Please get well soon. I miss you a lot. Can’t wait to see you at home.


    PS: I love you.

    By the time she read the post-script there were tears filling her eyes and threatening to spill over.

    That boy. He knew exactly how to get to her. 

    So much like his father it wasn’t even funny.

    "I’m under strict orders to send out a group text the moment you feel like getting visitors." Oliver said, sitting back down and pulling his phone out. "Good thing you have a spare room because I doubt they’ll be coming empty handed.

    Felicity put the card down and wiped the moisture from her eyes.

    She’s never felt more loved.




    Except when a year later a twelve year old boy and his father ask her to permanently and officially become a part of their family.

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headcanon where Oliver stopped eating peanuts when he came back from the island in season two in case he ever worked up the courage to kiss Felicity because she’s allergic

I share this headcanon so much that I once wrote a fic about this. Hahaha.

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In 20 years I won’t remember today; that scares me.

10 Word Poem" series - #31 (via genesus)
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